Consulting and Diagnosis

Arborists are professionals trained and certified in the best existing practices of planting, caring and maintaining trees.

Consulting arborists are the greatest authorities on matters linked to trees. They bring a widespread, impartial viewpoint to the diagnosis, appraisal and evaluation of arboricultural (tree) issues. Thus, calling us to examine and diagnose your sick tree is the first step. I will come to your property to diagnose your sick trees and consult where necessary. If need be I will send a specimen to the local agricultural lab.

Why Hire Me?

tree(13)We recommend hiring an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborist. Additionally, it is best to use an arborist who is familiar with the trees and ordinances of the City of San Diego.

Hire an Arborist to:

• Assess tree safety to protect people, and buildings such as houses
• Appraise the value of a tree
• Diagnose and recommend treatment for a problem
• Get a second opinion to help you decide on tree work or removal
• Provide legal expertise and arborist reports for a court
• Provide advice about construction to avoid harming existing trees

List of fees:

• ½ hour consultation: Starting at $75
• 1 hour consultation: Starting at $100

Consultation includes:

• Evaluate tree(s) or plants
• Try to diagnosis.
• Check for insects, disease, decay, cause of stress
• Poke and prod at your trees or plants

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